March 21, 2018

How LG is helping create a cleaner, greener environment for females

In modern societies, it is important to consider how we connect and preserve with nature. Pollution (air, noise and waste) is on the rise, biodiversity is lost, and, all over the world, people are suffering the consequences of climate change due to constant development. 

Women, in particular, are more vulnerable to the detrimental effects caused by pollution and toxic substances compared to men. Women have a different relationship with the environment given their needs and responsibilities as household stewards, economic providers, and their role in reproduction. (The reproductive system of a pregnant women is especially susceptible to health problems and hazards—every step in the reproductive process can be altered by toxins and contaminants in the environment.) 

Women living in rural or marginal suburban areas in developing countries, who have no access to natural resources, a proper diet and adequate health care, are also more susceptible to the impacts of climate change.

Until recently, women had very few opportunities to change unsatisfactory domestic or work conditions caused by environmental degradation, and to improve their families’ and their own health. But with the advent of ecofeminism, the continuing rise of female solidarity, and the growing recognition of the critical roles women play in our communities, the world is slowly realizing that even seemingly minor decisions such choosing what to eat and how we clean our homes—decisions usually made by women—can also have significant impacts on global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall environmental healthy and sustainability.

Women are now becoming more empowered to take part in making key environmental decisions at all levels, and to contribute their perspectives in creating policies and programs that affect a woman’s relationship with the environment.

LG is making a stand with women across the globe to offer forward-thinking solutions that will benefit both women as a group and society as a whole. 

The electronics company has an established track record of creating innovative and forward-thinking home appliances that are eco-friendly and intuitive enough to change the lives of its consumers for the better. 

Their line-up of Energy Star-winning products, which includes washing machines, refrigerators, airconditioners and TVs, slashes electricity expenses for its users while decreasing their environmental impact. Through these innovative solutions, LG is honoring the roles of women in society and valuing their domestic practices, within the home and within the larger environment.

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The Medical City Clark’s Cardiovascular Center Offers World Class Services for Open Heart Surgery

The Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass is a faster, safer, and less costly surgical procedure for heart patients

Internationally-acclaimed surgeons of The Medical City Clark performing the Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass (OPCAB) surgery

The Medical City Clark’s (TMC-Clark) Cardiovascular Center continues to provide residents of Central Luzon with world-class and advanced services for open heart surgery as it offers all the benefits of the Off-Pump Coronary Bypass (OPCAB).

Here are 5 facts about OPCAB to shed some light on what it is all about, shared by the experts from The Medical City Clark’s Cardiovascular Center.

It is performed by expert doctors from TMC-Clark’s Cardiovascular team.

TMC-Clark houses a team of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeons who are locally and internationally accredited on their sub-specialties, a cardiovascular anesthesiologist and an in-house cardiac critical care intensivist who perform OPCAB surgeries. These doctors were trained in the Philippine Heart Center and are internationally recognized fellows from the American College of Surgeons, Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Asian Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

It is accessible to North and Central Luzon residents.

Heart diseases has remained one of the top causes of mortality in North and Central Luzon. These trained doctors with the same level of expertise as Metro Manila doctors cater to North and Central Luzon residents due to this rising need in heart surgeons in the area. High quality medical services are not only found in Metro Manila. The Medical City Clark offers the same high quality surgery with less cost for the patient. People in Central Luzon now have easier access to world-class medical services especially when there is increased connectivity through nearby airports as well as expressways such as NLEX and SCTEX.

High-risk patients are eligible for this operation.

High-risk cardiac operations are now managed with expertise. The heart-lung machine used in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgeries could be harmful since it increases the risk of a heart attack, more commonly in high-risk patients, as it needs to arrest the heart. OPCAB performs the procedure while the heart is still beating, overruling the need to use a heart-lung machine.

It results to a faster recovery time.

Due to the previous fact, it reduces recovery time for patients. Not using the heart-lung machine in most of the procedure will now remove its bad effects resulting to the patient’s early recovery and early return to work. Those who undergo the OPCAB surgery usually recover within 5-7 days after the surgery. In addition to that, OPCAB surgeries has the same success rate as CABG surgeries at 99%.

It costs less

OPCAB requires fewer anesthesia and without the added cost of the heart-lung machine, it lessens the expenses of the patient. Since the recovery time is also shorter, there is less hospital room costs. The Medical City Clark also offers the best package for catastrophic illnesses including coronary bypass graft with the PhilHealth Z Benefit, which lowers the cost to 650,000 and PhilHealth shouldering 550,000. The patient only needs to pay a total of 100,000 for the operation.

OPCAB is a proven surgical procedure that has successfully treated many patients with coronary heart diseases. With its well-trained doctors and world-class facilities and equipment, patients of The Medical City Clark are sure to receive the best treatment possible closer to home.

VIU supports Globe #PlayItRight anti-illegal sites advocacy with #VIUItRight

VIU, a leading Asian digital content provider popular for its online distribution of K-Drama and K-Pop shows, recently announced its full support for Globe Telecom’s anti-illegal site advocacy, #PlayItRight.

VIU Country Manager in the Philippines Arianne Kader-Cu said that Korean drama has a huge base in the country with an estimated 22.5 million Filipinos who watch online.  “The soul of K-Drama and K-Pop are the Korean idols who depend on the revenue of their projects to remain popular. We are supporting Globe #PlayItRight to protect and champion the rights of actors, staff and even the viewers of Korean content through #VIUItRight,” Kader-Cu revealed.

Globe Senior Vice President for Content Nikko Acosta expressed the company’s gratitude to VIU for its support for the company’s advocacy. “Globe with the help of its content partners like VIU wants to send a strong message to the public to consume digital content the right way.  The support given by VIU strengthens our aim in promoting good content by using the right avenues to watch, stream or play Korean content,” Acosta said.

Kader-Cu added that #VIUItRight also encourages its millions of Korean fans to support #PlayitRight to ensure that their actors and actresses’ superstardom stays alive in the industry. “Fans are the major stakeholders in the careers of Korean acts. They are the deciding factor in whether an actor, a drama, or an idol becomes a hit. They can literally make or break careers, and their participation in accessing online content through the right channels would go a long way towards helping their favorite actors and idols achieve their dreams of stardom,” she said.
From the first Annyeonghaseyo in “Bright Girl” — the first Korean drama series that aired on Philippine television — in 2003 to dancing and singing to the music from the likes of Big Bang, BTS, Girls Generation, and Twice, the Philippines has come a long way in its appreciation of Korean-made content.

The love affair of Filipinos with Korean content has intensified through the years with Pinoys, teens to the 40 something, consuming everything Korean - series, films and music. Pinoy fans camp out the day before concert tickets are sold to their favorite K-Pop bands. Tickets are always sold out on the first day. With such clamor, the Philippines has become one of the top markets for Korean content consumption.

#PlayItRight through #VIUItRight encourages Filipinos to help their Korean idols accomplish their dreams by watching content legally and rightfully.

Visionary Novel “Ready Player One” Gets Spectacular Movie Treatment

Little more than 30 years ago, it seemed almost inconceivable that you could log onto a computer, create your own profile—true or not—and connect with people anywhere on the globe in real time. But what if, 30 years from now, you could log in, become your own personal avatar—true or not—and interact with people in an infinite virtual world? Consider the possibilities…and the perils.

That is the basic premise of Ernest Cline’s bestseller Ready Player One, which captured the imagination of one of the most revered and successful filmmakers of all time: Steven Spielberg. “It’s a huge, sprawling adventure that intercuts between two completely different worlds,” he says. “I think Ernest Cline is a visionary who wrote of a future that’s actually not so far away from where we’re heading with the evolution of virtual reality.”

The author credits Steven Spielberg with being one of his greatest influences in creating his first novel. “It’s hard to quantify what a profound effect Steven Spielberg’s work has had on my life and my interests, but I could not have written Ready Player One if I had not grown up on a steady diet of his films. Just as anyone who grew up with a passion for movies in the 1970s and `80s, his work is woven into the fabric of my life. So much of it ended up informing the story and the way I chose to write it, and the evidence of that is seen throughout the book.”

Warner Bros.‘ futuristic adventure “Ready Player One” is set in 2045, when people will have the ability to enter into a digital universe called the OASIS, where you go wherever you want, do whatever you like, be whomever or whatever you choose to be. With the population beset by unemployment, poverty, overcrowding, and utter hopelessness, “it’s a good time to escape into a virtual world where you can live an extraordinary life through your avatar,” says Spielberg.“All you need is an imagination, and that will take you far in the OASIS. But when you escape from reality, you’re also, in a way, divesting yourself of any real human contact. So, the story is entertaining, but there is also a bit of a social commentary.”

Cline reveals that his inspiration for the story came from some of the touchstones of his youth. “The initial idea came from the Atari game Adventure, which was the very first videogame to have an Easter egg in it—its designer, Warren Robinett, had created a secret room within the game that had his name inside it. It was my first time finding something inside a virtual world hidden by the creator of that world. It was a profound experience that really stuck with me. I was also a huge fan of Roald Dahl’s works, especially the Willy Wonka books, and one day the idea occurred to me: What if Willy Wonka had been a videogame designer instead of a candy maker? I started thinking about all the riddles and puzzles this eccentric billionaire could leave behind to find a worthy successor, and I knew I was on to something.”

Cline’s eccentric billionaire became the character of James Halliday, the reclusive co-creator of the OASIS, played byMark Rylance. “The entire world lives within his dream—the dream from which he built an entire world,” says Spielberg. “But when he died he had no heirs, so he left behind a contest: the first to defeat three challenges, each rewarded with a key, and then find the Egg hidden somewhere inside the OASIS, will inherit everything.”

The buzz surrounding the book Ready Player One was already at a high pitch when it was first published in August 2011. It not only lived up to expectations; it surpassed them in spectacular fashion. A runaway hit, the #1 New York Times Best Seller has been published in more than 50 countries.

“I wondered if perhaps the book would only appeal to people around my age who were nostalgic for the `80s,” Cline continues. “But that has not been the case because it speaks to the way we live our lives now. Most of us have an actual identity and a virtual identity in the form of our social media profiles. And, not unlike the avatars in the story, you can shape those based on how you want other people to see you.”

In bringing the novel to the screen, it was vital to the filmmakers to be respectful of the source material, as well as its many fans. “But,” Spielberg acknowledges, “every book has to go through a process of adaptation when it goes from a literary work to a cinematic one. I think we ended up with just the right elements to tell a truly wonderful story.”

“Ready Player One” stars Tye Sheridan (“X-Men: Apocalypse”), Olivia Cooke (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” “Bates Motel”), Ben Mendelsohn (“Rogue One – A Star Wars Story”) and T.J. Miller (“Deadpool”), with Simon Pegg (the “Star Trek” movies, the “Mission: Impossible” movies) and Oscar winner Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies,” “Dunkirk”).

“Ready Player One” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Elegance and Efficiency: Electrolux launches the new generation Ergorapido vacuum cleaner

Gone are the days when you need to hide your vacuum cleaner in the broom closet. The new Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner offers versatility and cleaning efficiency in one elegant package.

Style or substance? Why not have both with the latest Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner. 

The newest Ergorapido vacuum cleaner not only comes in a sleek rose gold finish but also has a host of new features that deliver the cleaning benefits of a 2-in-1 floor and furniture cleaner. 

The Ergorapido’s ergonomic design makes cleaning effortless. It’s cordless, has a lightweight feel, and great maneuverability with its 180° Easysteer™ function that lets you swivel around corners or under tables. It also comes with a detachable hand-held unit offering surface versatility - now you’ll be able to keep shelves and tables dust free, over and under. 

Upholstery Nozzle

You can also clean better for longer with the new Ergorapido. It comes with a high performance lithium battery, plus a motorized power brush with a wide nozzle great for picking up large crumbs and optimized for generating strong suction. It also has DustSpotter LED Lights to make sure you don’t miss a speck of dust in dark corners.

DustSpotter LED Lights

The Ergorapido has a wide nozzle great for picking up large crumbs and optimized for generating strong suction.

Stubborn hair and fibers that always get stuck on your vacuum brush can now also be removed with no sweat - the BrushRollClean™ feature gets rid of them by simply pushing a pedal.

The detachable hand-held unit

The Ergorapido vacuum cleaner also comes with a variety of attachments tailor fitted to your every cleaning need, making it truly multifunctional. 

BedPro™ Mini

Long Crevice Nozzle

Treat your cushions to a deep clean with the BedPro™ Mini attachment for effortless mattress cleaning and the Upholstery nozzle for sofas and car seats.

If you need reach, there’s the flexi hose and the long crevice nozzle which cleans the tightest nooks.

Flexi Hose
It is also self-standing, making storage really easy—or why not display this beauty around the house? With its elegant design and extensive features, the Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner is a surefire conversation starter.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that looks and cleans great, the new Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner is an easy choice. Combining elegance and efficiency, it’s the perfect cleaning companion for today’s modern home. 

Electrolux shapes living for the better by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences, making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. As a leading global appliance company, we place the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Through our brands, including Electrolux, AEG, Anova, Frigidaire, Westinghouse and Zanussi, we sell more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year. In 2017 Electrolux had sales of SEK 122 billion and employed 56,000 people around the world.  

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